Weather or Not

Ah, changeable Minnesota! On Sunday the temperature hit seventy warm, sunny degrees, and I put on shorts, sandals and a sleeveless top to sit out on our south-facing balcony soaking it in. There are still patches and swaths of snow on north-facing slopes or where protected by trees and houses but elsewhere the grass has a green tinge and the buds on trees are swollen. I expect a crocus at any moment – or a dandelion, I have witnessed them coming up through the snow!

Of course, today the temperature is only supposed to hit sixty-three at its best, but that’s still better than the city shut down because over a foot of snow is blowing sideways down the streets. In either case, I’m sitting at my desk, struggling to get into the next chapter of Tying the Knot.

About Ellen

Professional Mad Scientist for several years. Retired.
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