I’ve had a number of adventures as a writer – signing trips, research trips, holidays, even vacations. The visit to Mexico turned up in Embroidered Truths; the visit to Thailand in Thai Die. But my editor wouldn’t let me use the month on the Big Island of Hawai’i. “Every author who goes there wants to write a book set there,” she said. “You can’t all do it. Besides, Excelsior is one of your characters,”

2000 – A long book tour
2000 – Haute Dish
2001 – Monica visits Malice Domestic
2002 – New London – New Brighton Antique Car Run
2004 – International Quilting Festival, Chicago
2004 – A long book tour
2006 – Adventures in Thailand: Ganesha
2007 – Chasing down a setting: St. Peter, Minnesota
2010 – The Great Train Journey
2015 – To England and Back Again

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  1. Terry Beiring says:

    I’m glad that your website is back up. I met you a few times at Magna Cum Murder. I love your books and your blog.

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