The Han Phoenix

There really is a piece of Han Dynasty silk over 2000 years old. Embroidered with a pattern of birds and other animals, it was found in the well-sealed tomb of a woman whose name was Xiu. (The pattern of the Phoenix accompanying this novel is an excellent representation of the bird.) But the silk made its way to a Chinese museum in Hubei where, as far as I know, it rests to this day. On the other hand, the theft of priceless artifacts is a real and serious problem around the world.

In honor of the original fabric, I designed this pattern in silk. However, there have been requests for more common flosses to match the pattern.  DMC 6-strand floss colors that should be widely available, and match up with the original design fibers quite well, are –

Gloriana # 011                   = DMC 938  
Kreinik Silk Bella #7086    = DMC 676  
Kreinik Silk Bella #2016    = DMC 729  
Kreinik Silk Bella #7082    = DMC 3823  
Belle Soie “Rouge”            = DMC 3350 
Gloriana # 019                  = DMC 958
Gloriana # 124                  = DMC 931
Gloriana # 124A                = DMC 932
Hope you enjoy stitching the Han Phoenix!  (It was great fun to design.)Denise W.