Falling Stars

A Note from the Designer of Falling/Shooting Stars

When I did the first pattern up, I used back stitching to indicate the stars’ tails. When that pattern went astray, I had to dig around for the saved file. I thought I’d found the file for the last version (the one I sent to you), but it was an earlier version. In that version, I’d tried using the half-stitch function on my needlework program, and it, Falling Starsunfortunately, displays the pattern as a half stitch over top of the color symbol, making it hard to read. I’d forgotten about that problem, and when I found a file for the pattern, I checked it in color only; not for the symbols. (Never do something in a panic.)
   As a result, the book shows the symbol/half stitch variation. I’ve had a few people ask me what was going on/how they should stitch it/what it means. I imagine that a number of stitchers out there are as confused as my friends are. Would it be possible to put up a note to that effect, maybe by putting the pattern in the needlework section of the webpage? Simply saying that the stars’ tails are done in backstitch, in either silver metallic or white cotton.