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I’ve been concerned about my forgetfulness, so I took a lengthy cognition test and got the results yesterday: I’m within normal range in all aspects. Really? They why am I so forgetful? Or maybe I’ve been much better than normal … Continue reading

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T’ain’t Funny, McGee

I’ve been sick. It’s not flu, it’s just a very, very bad cold. No vomiting, just coughing. And coughing, and coughing. Aches and tiredness, too. I’m getting better, but slowly. Ellen has it worse than I do, but she’s improving, … Continue reading

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Health, Wealth, Love – and Time

Happy New Year! There’s a Spanish toast I really like: Health, Wealth, Love – and Time to enjoy them. Lovely. We held our annual penny-ante poker game last night, which is why I’m late at getting this blog entry out. … Continue reading

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