I’ve been concerned about my forgetfulness, so I took a lengthy cognition test and got the results yesterday: I’m within normal range in all aspects. Really? They why am I so forgetful? Or maybe I’ve been much better than normal all these years and only now have I dropped down into normal range. But it doesn’t explain why I can no longer write mystery stories.

Because I’m not spending hours a day writing a novel, I find I have more time to read. I’m mostly reading old favorites: Christie, Marsh, Kipling, Earl Derr Biggers; and more recent favorites: Pratchett, Westlake. Happiness may be a warm puppy, but it’s also found in a favorite author’s stories.  And just for the variety, I hinted and so got, a video copy of the old movie, “Blithe Spirit,” starring Rex Harrison and Margaret Rutherford.  I have long been a fan of Ms. Rutherford, whose homely face always brightens mine, even when she played an outrageously untrue to the character Miss Marple.  I would have adored to have her as an aunt.

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