Knit Your Own Murder (Berkley Prime Crime, August 2016)
Darned If You
Do (Berkley Prime Crime, February 2015)
The Drowning Spool
(Berkley/Prime Crime, February 2014)
And Then You Dye (Berkley/Prime Crime, December 2012)
Threadbare (Berkley/Prime Crime, December 2011)
Buttons and
(Berkley/Prime Crime, December 2010)
Blackwork (Berkley/Prime Crime, October 2009)
Thai Die (Berkley/Prime Crime, December 2008)
Knitting Bones (Berkley/Prime Crime, December 2007)
Sins and Needles
(Berkley/Prime Crime, 2006)
Embroidered Truths
(Berkley/Prime Crime, 2005)
Crewel Yule
(Berkley/Prime Crime Hardcover, October 2004)
Cutwork (Berkley/Prime Crime, January 2004)
Hanging by a Thread (Berkley/Prime Crime, January 2003)
A Murderous Yarn
(Berkley/Prime Crime, March 2002)
Unraveled Sleeve (Berkley/Prime Crime, July 2001)
A Stitch in Time (Berkley/Prime Crime, July 2000)
Framed in Lace (Berkley/Prime Crime, November 1999)
Crewel World (Berkley/Prime Crime, March 1999)

Pseudonym (with Gail Frazer): MARGARET FRAZER

The Murderer’s Tale (Berkley/Prime Crime, August 1996)
The Boy’s Tale (Berkley/Prime Crime, August 1995)
The Bishop’s Tale (Berkley/Prime Crime, December 1994)
The Outlaw’s Tale (Berkley/Jove, February 1994)
The Servant’s Tale (Berkley/Jove, August 1993)
The Novice’s Tale (Berkley/Jove, August 1992)


Show Stopper (Berkley/Diamond, August 1993)
Original Sin
(Berkley/Diamond, January 1993)
Ashes to Ashes (Berkley/Diamond, September 1992)
The Unforgiving Minutes (Berkley/Diamond, April 1992)
Knight Fall  (Paperback of Murder at the War – Berkley/Diamond, January 1992)

Show Stopper (Walker, 1992)
Original Sin (Walker, 1991)
Ashes to Ashes (St. Martin’s Press, 1988)
The Unforgiving Minutes (St. Martin’s Press, 1988)
Murder at the War (St. Martin’s Press, 1987)

As of 2013, all of the Mary Monica Pulver books are available at as Kindle e-books and trade paperbacks.

Working on
A “director’s cut” version of Original Sin
Die by the Sword
, the sixth Peter Brichter novel
Good Intentions, the seventh Peter Brichter novel

The Chronicles of Deer Abbey (Monica Ferris Presents, 2017)

Minnesota Vice (Short stories — Monica Ferris Presents, 2016)

Short Stories

NAMES: Mary Monica Pulver, Al and Mary Kuhfeld, Margaret Frazer, Monica Ferris

P “Night Trip”, in Writes of Spring, Nodin Press, 2012
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P “To Whom the Victory?,” in The Mammoth Book of Royal Mysteries, 1999 (also in the USA)
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F “The Midwife’s Tale,” published in the British anthology, The Mammoth Book of Historical Detectives, 1995 (printed also in the USA)
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F “The Witch’s Tale,” published in the British anthology, The Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunnits, 1994 (printed also in the USA)
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