Just got an offer from a publisher ($$$ offer) to bring out a large-print copy of Knit Your Own Murder. Hurrah! Makes me feel like I’m still in the author business. Don’t know when it will appear or what the cover will look like, or even if it’s hard or soft-cover. Details to come, as they say.

And we are spending Valentine’s Day in Virginia – Virginia, Minnesota, that is. I got an invitation to be the star attraction at a fancy tea at their library. It’s an annual event. They asked me to come back in September or October and it sounded like fun, so I said Yes, thank you, I’d love to. But here it is February and it’s been snowing almost every day for nearly a week, it’s snowing now. And Virginia, Minnesota, is up on the Iron Range. Which is north of here. Far north of here, like within a stone’s throw of Canada. Where if you’re on the road up there you put a serious winter survival kit in the back seat, not the trunk, and make sure your cell phone batteries have a fresh charge. I’m really looking forward to the tea, but not the drive up there. Or back, for that matter. Maybe if we get up there safely, we can just rent a place and stay until the roads clear. Like in June.  Meanwhile,  if you’re already up there, stop in around noon February 14 for some warm cheer.

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