Brrrrr Redux

Ellen says she didn’t see this post, though I loaded it early this morning.  So here it is (again?).

I loaded Chapter One of Tying the Knot and did some work on it. Not a lot, but some. It felt odd, but satisfying. But now I’ve had to halt work, because I’m preparing my Thousand Years of English Coins exhibit for The Coin Show in March. Ellen is doing magnificent work on it, but I’m moving it from two frames to one, and that means I can only put twenty coins in the single frame. How to choose, how to choose? And how to assure the audience that I do have all but seven coins between Canute and Elizabeth I?

Survived the bitter cold last week by the simple method of staying home. It’s supposed to turn very cold later this week – but not the forty-below of last week. The air may drop to six below. I may go out in shorts.

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Professional Mad Scientist for several years. Retired.
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