Tlatolli Bookmark

Pattern and worked bookmark by Maru Zamora

Tlatolli BookmarkThis bookmark is a fine example of teamwork between reader and writer. I met Maru on RCTN, an internet needlework-discussion group. As I was noodling on about the idea that later became Embroidered Truths, I mentioned that it would be good for Goddy and John to have a vacation in Mexico. Maru said that she lived in Mexico City, and would be glad to host me for a week or two. Which she did, and it greatly enhanced the book.

At the same time, Maru wanted to be a pattern designer. So she designed this bookmark, which I happily used in the book. It’s the Aztec/Mexica glyph for “speech”, and it’s embroidered.

Since then, Maru has stayed with me in Minnesota. She wanted to see as many of the settings for the Betsy Devonshire books as possible. So we ate at Antiquity Rose, toured Excelsior, and visited the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Then Maru and I went with Denise Williams (who’s designed most of the patterns for this series) to spend some quality relaxation time at Naniboujou Lodge on the North Shore, where Maru trekked back along the path to see the Devil’s Kettle waterfall.