Let It Snow

We are still digging our way out from under a big blizzard that started late Friday, exploded on Saturday and continued most of Sunday, dumping over sixteen inches of wet snow that came down horizontally in a wind that at times blew over forty miles an hour. I went to the funeral of a good friend late Saturday morning in a light snowfall that barely coated the streets. By the time it was over, including a lovely catered lunch, there were whiteout conditions on the streets, and I crept home leaning forward over the steering wheel, barely able to see other cars on the street. Church services on Sunday were cancelled, I watched television and stitched and worked on Tying the Knot – which has a blizzard in it, so that was appropriate.  Work on TTK is starting to move along – hurrah!

The forecast says tomorrow, Wednesday, will be either lots of rain or some more snow. This is not exactly unprecedented for April in Minnesota, it often snows in April. But we did set a record for the amount of snow this past weekend. And unless it all melts by Wednesday – it’s trying to do that, but temps are hovering between twenty and forty degrees, so it’s slow going. The snow is cooling the air, which keeps the temperatures low, so I suspect Wednesday is more likely to see more snow or at best a rain and snow mix.

Perhaps we’ll see daffodils and tulips some time in June, and lilacs by the Fourth of July.

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