The Weather Outside is Frightful

Written Monday night:

Somewhere a little south of here, tulips are pushing their blunt noses out of the ground. Somewhere not too far south of that, blue and yellow crocus dot the fresh green grass. But outside my window a blizzard howls and the weatherman said not only to not travel out on the highway, but to not travel in the neighborhood.   I know spring will come, deep in my heart I’m certain of it, but oh gosh, it’s a wild, wild world outside tonight. God bless and keep the birds and squirrels and coyotes out in this weather.

Fortunately, I did my grocery shopping this morning, before the snow really got underway. Wednesday I have to prepare chicken noodle soup for thirty-five people coming to a evening Lenten seminar at my church. Would you believe I found the recipe on the Internet? Actually, it’s for thirty people, but I’m sure I can figure out how much more chicken base and chopped carrots and spaetzle noodles to add to the dismembered and deboned rotisserie chicken (a genius suggestion!) to make the soup go around. And this is Minneapolis, so after the snow stops around noon tomorrow, the streets will be passable Wednesday evening.   Already I’m thinking of the army of drivers gassing up their plows and waiting for the order to head on out. Because I’m not buying the chicken until shortly after Wednesday noon.

I’m working on a short story called Ear Witness – Nobody saw the murderer, but they heard the shot and can point to where it came from. Inspired because I’m going a little deaf in one ear and can no longer depend on my hearing to tell me where a sound is coming from.

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