An Expensive Month

My car’s steering wheel started a curious faint tremble that improved during the day as it was driven. This went on for weeks, gradually getting just a little bit worse until I was alarmed enough to take it to a service garage. The man there told me it was one of the front tires slowly splitting from the inside. And that so long as I would have to buy two front tires (it’s dangerous to drive on one new front tire and one old one), I might as well buy four, as they all were, to some significant degree, worn. And to think I was going to drive alone to Florida in that car!

I haven’t had to buy tires in a long time and even though I went to Costco it was an expensive purchase. Then it cost another hundred dollars to get the car aligned on its new wheels (all four were running a little pigeon-toed when first installed).   And this morning I had to go have a chipped tooth repaired.  It’s turning out to be a very expensive February, I’m glad it’s almost over.

I’ve been asked to provide a blurb for a new author’s first mystery novel set in and about a co-op craft shop over in Wisconsin. I’ve just started it. First impression: a charming story told by an author who is still earning her writing chops. But she seems to know what she’s talking about, so it’ll be easy to keep on reading.

Does anyone know what to do about a cat whose breath is getting bad?   She eating the same diet she was on when we got her a year ago, her teeth seem clean and white, and she doesn’t seem sick or bloated.

The rector at our church has chosen to focus on life after death for his Lenten series Wednesday evenings. He has given us a good book on the topic that is mostly anecdotes the author (an MD/PhD) has collected from people who have experienced near death episodes. I’m interested in the topic, I’ve been reading about it for many years. It’ll be interesting to see how Lenten series shapes up, as he likes to open his talks up to his audience for discussion.

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