Chicken Soup for my Psyche

People – ordinary people – can be kind and cooperative. Someone in the upper levels at a Houston Astros game dropped her hat and it was caught several levels down. And very determinedly, with overwhelming cooperation, the hat was returned:

Yesterday we broke a high-temperature record for December 4, at fifty-seven degrees. This morning there is snow on the ground and we hope to have a high of twenty-four. Out in northwest Minnesota there’s a huge blizzard. Amazing weather.

I’ve been going out a lot, physical therapy, doctor’s appointments, setting up the Bethlehem display at my church, Christmas shopping, etc., etc.  I am going to declare today a Sunday and stay in, writing, stitching, exploring a research subject on the Internet, cooking a special dinner.  Restoring my soul.

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Professional Mad Scientist for several years. Retired.
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