Welcome August

Free books! Really, truly, free books! Sunday, August 6, from 1 to 6 pm at the BlackStack Brewery, 755 Prior Avenue North, St. Paul. Ellen and I will be there with other Minnesota authors. The others will be selling and autographing their books, but we, finding ourselves seriously overstocked, are signing and giving away titles by Ellen Kuhfeld, Mary Monica Pulver, and Monica Ferris.  Come and stock your bookshelves, schmooze with Minnesota authors.

There were five Sundays in July, which may be why the month seemed endless to me. I am amazed at the number of people who have remarked to me that this summer is just flying by. June, maybe. And perhaps August will as well. But July just went on and on and on . . .

There is a lot going on in August. There’s the Big Book Give-Away this weekend. Then next weekend a few of us are going to the Mad Hatters restaurant and tea room, where patrons are encouraged to wear hats. The place even has a supply of hats to loan to the unfortunately bare headed. Then three of the members of the Wednesday Bunch are taking our entries on needlework to the Fairgrounds – and then going to the Fair on the 28th to see if we’ve won anything. And to glory in the sights and smells of horses and poultry and enormous pigs and Scottish highland cattle, and visit the building where every farm animal from chickens to cows are giving birth and wander down the midway (but probably not take one of the rides), but will sample the horrible greasy sugary foods (most of it on a stick), drink fresh-made lemonade, listen to folk, jazz, African and country music and the vendors trying to sell us everything from garage doors to rocking chairs to carving knives to electronic knitting machines to glass miniatures to little devices that chop and slice vegetables when you turn the crank. We’ll come home with aching feet and empty wallets, our blood sugar terrifyingly high and hearts utterly content.

Later today I am going to consult with a clinician about a date in September or October to have my right knee replaced.

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