Summer’s Over

Well, the carpets got cleaned, as scheduled, and so the last remnants of our cat Snaps are gone (ground-in cat hair, urp stains – so we’re not all that sorrowful about it).   And Wednesday went as scheduled: Bible study, lunch, stitching, pizza night sleepover.

But Thursday morning, during the hasty wash and dress part, I had a dizzy spell so big I actually fell down. It scared all of us, and I elected to stay home from the State Fair. Bummer. The other three had a great time: perfect weather, good food, interesting exhibits. I, on the other hand, was unsteady on my feet the rest of the morning – but fine in the afternoon and thereafter. I think the dizziness is the result of a med I’m taking. There is a warning of dizziness on the label, though it seems now it was a one-off, I haven’t had another “spell.”

As expected, I didn’t win a ribbon for my Christmas stocking – but amazingly, Tanya did, for her needlepoint of thirteen colorful lizards. She came in fourth, and a pink ribbon draped her entry. Wonderful surprise to her, though IMO she deserved it, and I’m only a little jealous.

The weather has turned cool, there are trees just starting to show color.  It’s been an eventful spring and summer.  I’ve been to the driving range but have sprained my ankle and so not met my goal (yet!) of going a round of par-three, nine-hole golf.  But it hasn’t snowed yet, nor have we had frost, so there’s still a chance I’ll make it.

This Saturday at one in the afternoon I’ll be doing an appearance and signing at Books and Beans, a coffeehouse in Shawano, Wisconsin. Address: 1235 E. Green Bay Street. My brother and his wife live in Shawano, and we’ll be staying with them. Come on by, I’ll have a package of Oreo cookies to share!

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