Nothing much has happened since my last entry, but quite a bit is going to happen.

Thursday four of us are going to the State Fair. Two of us have bad knees and one of us had surgery on her foot, so three of us are going to rent electric carts and one unfortunate is going to walk – though we are, I am sure, going to arrange for her to ride at least some of the time. The rental will run from seven to three, if we last that long. Tanya and I each entered a needlework project in a competition, so it will be interesting to see how we did. (We’re not anticipating a ribbon, it was more for the experience, because next year we’re both entering something more elaborate.) The carts are rented first come-first served, and they tend to go fast, so we have to get there very early in the morning. So my friends are coming over Wednesday to spend the night.

Wednesday is my busiest day of the week. I have Bible study in the morning, then lunch with my stitching group, then the group does a stitch-and-bitch in a needlework shop till four. Two of my State Fair buddies are in the group.

I am a member of the Northwest Coin Club, I joined because one of the running characters in the Betsy Devonshire series collects coins. And somehow one of the members, who is elderly and getting frail, persuaded me to take over the newsletter. We meet the second Thursday of the month. And somehow I failed to see that day after tomorrow is the first of September – and the first Thursday. The newsletter, which I have been shilly-shallying over, is due to go in the mail that day. Which means, because we are not going to be home Thursday, I have to get it out by tomorrow. So I have a LOT on my plate today.

And today we are scheduled to have our carpets cleaned.

I better get to it.

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