Had a wonderful adventure Sunday. The man who would be the producer of the movie version of my novel Knight Fall (Murder at the War in hardcover) drove down with Ellen and me to scout a site for it to be filmed. It’s a Boy Scout Camp called Gamehaven and it’s near Rochester, Minnesota, and a really big piece of rolling land (over 100 acres). It’s got a variety of woods (pine, mixed deciduous, oak), meadows, marsh, a little river and a beautiful lake. The Society for Creative Anachronism, about which the movie is to be made, has used the site for events for several years, so Boy Scouts of America know what they’re like. What’s more, the management of Gamehaven is excited at the prospect of a group of film-makers – even just a small company of locals – coming to make a movie.

The weather was perfect, warm and sunny with low humidity and not many bugs. They drove us all over the place, pointing out small and large campsites, a couple of steep dropoffs (maybe one is suitable for the scene where five men on top hold off several dozen trying to pry them loose), and angles from which nothing of the twenty-first century can be seen. It was interesting to see with new eyes, to realize that this place would make a good place for King William to give his pre-battle speech, that over there we might hang tapestries and turn a pavilion into the place where the kings could hold court, that this little clearing would perhaps be the spot the little group from Appleby could set up camp. One almost wanted to do that thing of holding up one’s hands palms forward and thumbs touching to frame a scene. So it seems we have a good site. We already have a good script, an excellent director (well, almost; he’s interested but hasn’t committed), the nucleus of a crew, and a producer. We’re thinking of actors to invite to audition. All we’re really lacking is the money, which is, of course, a very serious problem. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket?

If any of you reading this are interested in the plot, see if you can find a copy of the book, which was published under the name Mary Monica Pulver.

Meanwhile, I am doing the second signing for Knit Your Own Murder at one pm, Saturday, August 13, at Excelsior Bay Books on Water Street in Excelsior.

On Saturday the 20th I’ll be at The Mystery Bookstore in Omaha, Nebraska, at 3 pm.

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