Wake Up, Muse!

I guess my muse isn’t completely back on the job. This past Saturday I went to my writers’ group meeting, read Chapter Two of Tying the Knot, and got unanimous negative feedback on it from the other members present. It seems I didn’t fully develop a scene between Betsy and Roo, her first husband, who has turned up out of the blue and wants to take her to lunch. She had thought she “was content to never see him again,” but he talks her around. Except as I wrote it, she was too easily convinced. So, back to the drawing board – well, keyboard.

Writers’ groups, as I have said before, are very, very helpful. These people certainly are.

A catless house sure is different. I keep expecting to see Snaps or hear him or step on him.

Friends Tanya and Ann and I are already planning to go to the State Fair. I have been told that needlework submissions need to be properly finished, as the mat-and-frame are also judged. That means my wonderful Moondancer needlepoint, which is within a few hours of being done, won’t get entered this year, because it takes weeks to get a piece back from the finisher, and entries for the fair have to be in by August 13. I have another finished piece I may enter instead, just for the experience of making an entry.

Meanwhile, I am doing the first signing for Knit Your Own Murder at noon on Saturday, August 6, at Once Upon A Crime mystery bookstore, 604 West 26th Street, Minneapolis.

On Saturday the 13th, I’ll be at Excelsior Bay Bookstore in Excelsior at one.  So this would be a twofer, see me and my book, and see the setting of this series in a quaint little town on the shore of a beautiful lake.

Drop by!

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