Cheery Hello

Seven days without Metformin and eating normally, my blood sugar this morning was 120 – well within normal range. And my A1C is 5.8, within normal range. Hallelujah! I no longer have Diabetes II. Anyone want a finger pricking device, a results reader, and an almost-full container of test strips?   I am somehow reminded of an anti-war folk song from the 70s whose last line was, “. . . And guns and swords and uniforms were scattered on the ground.”

It’s coming closer and closer to Christmas and we haven’t sent our cards yet. I am dithering because I can’t decide whether or not to write a Christmas Letter. We don’t have a lot of news, nothing either to brag about or moan about. We didn’t take a major trip, I don’t have a new book to brag about, Ellen’s knee replacement isn’t until next year, we’re otherwise healthy (even the cat) so what’s to talk about?

We had fog Thursday night so Friday morning the trees and bushes and stems of dead grass and weeds were coated with hoarfrost, very beautiful. And because it stayed cold and dead calm, the beauty lasted all day, most unusual.

I am taking a new-to-me medication for neuropathy which seems to be working, and which has the happy side effect of making me feel friendly. That seems odd, but it’s real. I hadn’t realized what an edge I’d developed until I lost it. So as the English say, “Cheery-bye.”

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Professional Mad Scientist for several years. Retired.
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