The Christmas stocking came back from the finisher and I’m still getting used to it. Without the surround of white canvas, it looks very dark. But the ornaments seem to float in the darkness. The beaded tassel at the toe needs a touch-up of added beads. I meant them to dribble off the toe and the dribblers got shortened when the finisher sewed the back onto the stocking – I was warned this would happen. So I’ve got just this tiny bit more to do and then it gets put away until August, when it goes to the State Fair to be judged. All I can see when I look at it now is its many shortcomings, and I’m tempted to withdraw. But I won’t. I think the judge’s commentary may be useful. After all, I’ve got another stocking to start working on.


And here’s the “other” stocking:


Tying the Knot is starting to speak to me, at last. Maybe it’s not a failure after all. I’ve found myself thinking about it, and even working on it here and there. Hurrah!

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