On Thursday members of the Northwest Coin Club are going to tour the Ninth District’s Federal Reserve Bank, headquartered in Minneapolis. I think I’ve heard about the Federal Reserve Bank almost all of my life, but I didn’t – and still don’t – understand what it is. That is, I’ve read about it, and recently looked up the Wikipedia entry on it, but I’m still not sure I know what it’s for or how it operates. It seems to be a private enterprise and at the same time a US Government entity. I’m hoping to come away from the tour with a better understanding.

As usual with Minnesota, we seem to be jumping directly from winter to summer. On Sunday, the temperature rose to 82 degrees – yet there are still protected corners of the Twin Cities where piles of snow lie. Tulips and daffodils are blooming and there are buds on the lilac bushes. Golden Dandelions dot the lawns. Yet north of here, the lakes are still iced over. I’m wearing shorts and a sweatshirt. Weird Minnesota

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