Glimpse of Summer

Florida was great! I sent home a short entry for last Tuesday, but Ellen couldn’t figure out how to post it, so . . .

It is wonderful to get out of the car at an airline terminal in two degree weather, go inside and go on an airplane ride for three and a half hours, and walk out of another terminal into seventy-five degree weather. America is a great country, smart enough to get its empire all in one place instead of spread out in bits all over the world, so it’s a short trip to whatever climate you want. Fort Meyers set two high-temperature records the four days I was down there. I got the start of my summer tan sitting outside my niece and nephew’s house and walking the beach on Sanibel Island collecting shells. My niece and nephew were wonderful hosts, I had a relaxing and interesting and comfortable time. Sometimes even a brief break can restore a person’s soul, I don’t think I realized how much I needed that break. Joe and Reggie have a charming little house, a friendly rescue cat that’s part lynx (!) and a very friendly dog of a breed I’d never heard of before: black-mouthed cur. I though “cur” was a slur word, but here’s a middle-size short hair tan dog with big black patches over each eye with that word a part of her breed name. She greeted me at the door with wagging tail and came often to rest her head on my knee to ask for strokes.

And I’m back at work on Tying the Knot. Life is good.

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