Joyful Death

Does anyone out there have a list of the drugs (etc.?) searched for in the usual medical examiner’s blood screen done in autopsy? Thanks. I’m in touch with an ME, but he’s crazy busy because the Super Bowl is in town, and I’m kind of in a hurry.

And yes, it’s for some fiction I’m writing.

(Later)  Hold on, I seem to have caught our ME in a creative mode.  He’s made a suggestion that works.  It’s so good, I might have to make him co-author!  Isn’t life interesting?

While doing research for this, I came across a saying often found in a medical examiner’s office.  I’m going to have to look it up to quote it correctly, but the gist of it is, Death will joyously help the living.  Meaning via autopsy.

Java the cat has this curious habit I call “holding hands.” When I’m in bed, or sitting comfortably in my recliner, she will join me, snuggling close, and will put one or both forepaws firmly down in the palm of my hand and go to sleep that way. Sometimes I think she’s signaling that she’s had enough stroking, but other times I think she’s just being companionable.

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