Here’s Java!

No New Year’s Eve Penny Ante Poker Party – too many people were sick, including Ellen, so we had to cancel.

So it was a quiet ending to the year. I took the bottle of chilled champagne down to the party room to share with other residents, had some friendly conversation, then came back up to share the last of it with Ellen. Went to bed early, slept well, woke refreshed. Not a bad way to welcome 2018.

After months of off-and-on trying, I finally have a photograph of our cat Java that shows her curious profile, the shortened muzzle and rounded forehead.  When she yawns, her mouth splits her face almost back to her ears!


New year’s resolution: Re-awaken my muse so I can finally finish Tying the Knot.

About Ellen

Professional Mad Scientist for several years. Retired.
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