Barefoot Hero

The kind of hero fiction writers invent (love the bare feet!) – turns up in real life:

Our cat Java has settled deeper and deeper into the routine of the household. She manifests her deep trust of us by sleeping on our legs when we sleep or watch tv. And curiously, she lays her head down heavily on a leg or, preferably, on a hand or wrist. I’ve never had a cat lay down her head so weightily. When we’re not paying attention to her, she complains to us in her raspy voice and if that fails, she gets up on a shelf or table and begins pushing things off.   Shout at her, and she looks at you with those copper eyes and says, as if to explain patiently, “Raaaaaaaaaah.”

Tomorrow I can go to the therapy pool at Courage Kenny! Another choice regained.

About Ellen

Professional Mad Scientist for several years. Retired.
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