Here, Kitty, Kitty

I am starting to feel the pressure of Not Being Able To Drive, which is, I suppose, another sign of healing. I recommend to any supporter of Americans Should Drive Less: just turn in your driver’s license for ten days. Anyone can do it for a week, but by day eleven, the pressure grows. Even having a compliant friend or spouse to take you places isn’t good enough. I go to church on Sundays and stay half an hour after for coffee and chat or even a session of Bible Based Discipleship. Worse, I like the early service, which begins at eight. My husband treasures any opportunity to sleep in, and on Sundays isn’t getting one. Worse, not being a believer, there is this inconvenient ninety-minute gap between dropping me off and picking me up. And also right now there are doctor’s appointments and grocery expeditions and the occasional shopping excursion. I am doing what I can to limit these outings, but oh, for the days when I’d need a skein of DMC 883 and just grab my keys and purse and head out! Public transportation, taxi cabs, even Uber are not satisfactory substitutions. Thank goodness my physical therapy takes place at a clinic just across the parking lot from our building, so I can walk there.

I should be fully mobile in a couple of weeks, which is a good thing, because it’s coming on time to start planning the layout of the model of Bethlehem at my church. I’ve already bought a couple of new pieces – a boy driving a pig and a little girl holding a kitten. Our church administrator is retiring the end of this year, which is sad both because she is a very admirable administrator and because she has a tall, strong son who can manhandle the two big crates of figures from the basement to the narthex (lobby – we Episcopalians are noted for esoteric terminology) where I set the display up. And he is willing to stand on a chair on a table to reach the hook on which we hang the rack of a “multitude of the heavenly host” singing over the shepherds. I used to do it, but have lost my nerve.  Here’s the little girl:


I have succumbed to temptation (mea maxima culpa) and put in a bid for a George II shilling. Davissons, Ltd., is holding another Internet auction of a selection of gold and silver coins dating from ancient Rome to modern England. The coin is a beauty and the current bid is just approaching my price limit. I need to do some research on George II. Actually, I don’t know much about any of the four Georges, except they seemed fertile in any direction not including their wives, with whom they had difficulty producing a legitimate heir.

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