Take a Knee, Get a Knee

Went to a longish briefing yesterday with some other candidates for knee replacement. A nurse explained what was going to happen, and went into great detail about things like where to park, what kind of clothing to bring, how therapy would begin as soon as we became conscious after the surgery (seriously!), whether we should try a cane or stick to a walker, etc., etc. Then I had another physical to see if I’m fit for surgery (I am). I remarked to the nurse practitioner that the strengthening exercises I’m doing in preparation for the therapy post-surgery had so stabilized the knee that maybe I don’t need surgery right now. She asked me if I wanted to postpone it for a few months. I thought about it, then said I didn’t want to go through the worry I’m experiencing in anticipation all over again in a few months, so let’s do it now. She noted that delaying it meant the bones were grinding on each other and might complicate the repair, and that made me more certain that Tuesday was the day.  All this kerfuffle about football players “taking a knee” (nobody speaks English anymore, have you noticed?) just makes me think about how a surgeon is going to take the ends off my knee joint – and installing a new one.  What they are doing is genuflecting, which used to be a sign of deep respect.

I am trying very hard to get the Christmas stocking needlepoint piece done by Saturday, which is the deadline to have it “finished” (turned into a real stocking as opposed to a pretty picture painted on canvas) by Christmas

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