August Marches On

Sunday Ellen and I and two other ladies went to brunch at the Mad Hatters restaurant in Anoka. It’s in an old mansion (built in 1852), and encourages its patrons to wear hats. So of course we did. The rooms are elegant, the food is elegant, four or five kinds of quiche, French toast stuffed with pulled pork or two kinds of fruit, eight or ten varieties of tea, sumptuous desserts, all served by pretty waitresses in small, fancy hats and black aprons. There is a gift shop on the second floor, from which Tanya reported that the hats they sell are beautiful.  Having resolved to buy no more hats (I have fifty!) I resisted the temptation to “just have a look.”

Then we drove from there to the State Fairgrounds in Saint Paul where we stood in line in a light rain to turn in our entries in the needlework competition. I’m pretty sure Tanya will finish in the ribbons, but Becky and I have some hopes, too. The Fair begins on the 24th; we’re going on the 28th,.   We will find out then if we’ve won.

Here’s a picture of my entry back when it was still in progress:


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