Back in the Saddle

It is amazing to me how often inspiration comes at inconvenient times. Like, for me this most recent time, at night, when I’m in bed falling asleep and with an early morning appointment. But POW! just as my thoughts are starting to jumble into a dream, I thought, Make It One. There just isn’t enough story for Tying the Knot. I’d have to pad – and I hate reading a book that’s padded with unnecessary digressions and the detective behaving stupidly to make the story longer. I need action and movement and danger and excitement. So, two weddings! And Connor deathly ill! And Betsy’s first husband is . . . um, up to something! Alarums and excursions! Let’s see, first Roo turns up, and then Godwin is excited at planning a huge, expensive wedding, then Connor falls very ill, then the wedding planner is murdered, then Godwin’s friend is suspected of murder but Betsy is too worried about Connor to investigate, then Roo does something stupid, and – yes! Wow, this could be good! Oh, boy! And next thing I know my clock is striking midnight and I’m wide awake. Should I keep the title Tying the Knot? After all, two knots are going to be tied, but on the other hand, I think Betsy marrying Connor will mean she sells Crewel World to devote herself to – what? Travel? Anyway, maybe a new title is in order: Goodbye, Crewel World. Because this will be the end of the series.

Awwwww . . . Sad. But it’s good to find myself back in the saddle. Because I think I have an inkling of a notion of an idea for an entirely different sort of novel.

Meanwhile, I’m wearing a knee brace, which is working pretty well and enabling me to cowardly put off knee replacement surgery for a while longer.

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