Busy, Busy!

Things are piling up on me.   Our Calling Committee is planning to talk to the candidates for Rector of my church, by phone and face to face, and we’ve got questions to sort out and dates to meet them to decide. I’ve got a mink coat to auction off to raise money for our Capital Fund – meeting the auction company today. I’m trying hard to finish the needlepoint Christmas stocking so I can enter it in our State Fair (probably won’t make the deadline). And the desultory fiddling around with the plot of Tying the Knot, which I can’t seem to write but also can’t leave alone.

Publicity to begin for The Chronicles of Deer Abbey, which is now out on Amazon as an e-book. The paperback still needs proofreading, but should be available in less than a week. They’re at Monica Ferris Presents.

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Professional Mad Scientist for several years. Retired.
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