English Major’s Lament

So now I have flu. Went to Urgent Care where a doctor stuck a very, very long and thin Q-tip up my nose, took the result away and came back with the diagnosis – did you know they can do that? Modern medicine, amazing. But so much for the flu shot I got a while back. Pretty much bedridden for two days, I got up yesterday and by noon actually got dressed, though by nine I was back in bed. Later today I’m going to take a shower, the long, hot kind where after the final rinse you stand for a while with the water beating down on the nape of your neck.

As long as we’re talking recipes using cream cheese, here’s one I really like. Take a room-temperature pack of cream cheese and add a tablespoon of mayonnaise to further soften it. Add at least a tablespoon of curry powder (YMMV, I like a lot of curry in my curry dishes), mix thoroughly, and spread it directly on a dinner plate. Scatter a drained can of broken shrimp (not baby shrimp nor whole shrimp) over the cream cheese mixture, and top that off with chopped green onions. Serve with a fancy butter knife next to a bowl of Ritz crackers. Delicious!

Are you one of those persons people who doesn’t know when it’s there or their or they’re? Or always guesses whether to use its or it’s? Weird Al Yankovic offers this annoyed grammatical ditty on those little structural issues you might have been missing.

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