Getting Re-Published

I have nothing to say. Seriously, nothing.

Well, one thing: There is a collection of short stories, some written by me, some written by me and Ellen, some written by Ellen. The title is a play on a state characteristic called Minnesota Nice: Minnesota Vice. Because currently the most famous pseudonym of the two of us is Monica Ferris, the publisher is Monica Ferris Presents. All the stories are previously published and I think at least some of them are damn clever. This is an ebook available on Amazon and Kindle. A hard copy in Trade Paperback format is coming very soon.


And wait a minute, here’s something else: We are also working on republishing a collection of stories set in a late-medieval nunnery, something I wrote while establishing and exploring my “persona” in the Society for Creative Anachronism. I used serious research into medieval nunneries and the Holy Rule of St. Benedict to establish the place, and at the same time named the nunnery Deer Abbey and described the Mass Priest assigned there, Father Hugh of Paddington, as a “small brown fellow with kind, anxious eyes, who means well.” The abby’s proper name is Abatia Cervi Albi, Abby of the White Stag, from the vision of St. Eustace. Look for it soon as The Chronicles of Deer Abbey.

About Ellen

Professional Mad Scientist for several years. Retired.
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