Happy New Year

It was a lovely, lively Christmas. I remembered to thaw the pork loin and made the mix of onion, apple, bacon and pork in the slow cooker and it was delicious. Everyone came and liked my brunch and liked my supper. The exchange of gifts was fun. We watched the best movie version of “A Christmas Carol,” the one starring Alistair Sim, and then the delightful “Paddington.” We ate three kinds of pie, cherry, pumpkin and pecan and, sated, the guests went home.

I meant to do a little work on my novel on Monday, but the day somehow slipped away. I had an appointment for an eye checkup which included having my pupils dilated. I didn’t realize until I was out on the highway going there that there was a terrific windstorm happening; my little Ford Focus had trouble staying in its lane. It was trying to snow but not enough fell to make a difference, thank goodness. The wind continued well into the evening, but it’s quiet this morning. My eyes are fine.

This Saturday is out annual penny-ante poker game. It’s been going on almost as long as we’ve been married, thirty-seven years. One year we were talked into going to a party instead, but we ran into four friends who usually play poker with us, and one of them had found a deck of cards, and next thing we knew, we were in an upstairs bedroom playing poker on a bed. In the words of a filk song, “Love it is strong, but a habit is stronger …”

In the words of a Spanish toast: Health, wealth, love, and time to enjoy them. Have a great 2017!

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Professional Mad Scientist for several years. Retired.
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