This has been such a screwy week I can’t keep track of the days.  Today is Tuesday and I am supposed to post an entry here.

My brother-in-law is dying in Intensive Care.  He went in for cancer surgery and a series of complications ensued and now he is in a coma and all that’s left is a decision on when to stop the efforts to keep him alive.  Steve was an active sportsman, funny and decisive, and it’s weird to think of him near death.  We’re going to pay him a last visit a little later today.

I went to see my rheumatologist yesterday and complained that my bad knee was still stiff and hurting.  As I had a low-grade fever, he decided to pull some fluid from the joint and the result was about half a cup of cloudy, yellowish liquid which is going for a laboratory analysis.  So it seems that the long haul is not over yet.

My niece Regina (“Reggie”) is on her way up here from Naples, Florida, should arrive late tonight or early tomorrow.  I’ve been making a list of places to take her which is now longer than her visit.  So she’ll get to pick and choose.

My Ford should be finished being repaired later today if a needed part arrives.

See what I mean?  Life is all up in the air and complicated.

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