Talking Crow

Well, so much for the Oreo cookie sharing in Shawano. I stayed sick, very sick, all weekend and now into this week I’m still sick. Didn’t eat anything substantial – or anything much at all until yesterday and lost it by mid afternoon. Already had an appointment with my rheumatologist Monday and so kept that. And he said this is worrisome and if it’s not better by Tuesday, go see your GP. Which I am going to do (I’m writing this Monday evening). I don’t feel really sick, like you do with flu, but I can’t eat and have no control at the other end. I’ve taken anti-diarrhea meds, probiotics, I even found an unused bottle of oxycodone from when I was truly ill in a nursing home and have taken one two nights in a row – and as soon as they wear off, we’re back to square one. God, I sound like a hypochondriac, complain, complain, complain! But I’m truly sick of being sick and want it fixed.

On the other hand, I think we have at least the beginnings of a breakthrough on the muse front. Got a pair of big ideas on the plot and I think she’s starting to breathe. Yay!

Had a pleasant but curious experience a week or so ago. I was standing out on our balcony, which I call a “porch,” because it looks more like a porch than a balcony. A friendly crow who has come around before came back and perched high in a tree across the street. He began making soft, gurgling “remarks” to me. I tried to reply in kind and he responded. We had a kind of conversation that lasted at least five minutes. This was not the call-and-respond caw-caw-caw exchange I’ve had with several other crows; they call twice, I call twice, they caw three times, I caw three times. I think they get it, it’s a kind of game with exclamation points. This was gentle, almost tender. I wonder what it was about. I almost expected him (her?) to fly across and land on the porch railing – which probably would have scared me into dashing into the apartment. Crows are large birds with sharp beaks and claws. Or maybe not. I’ve been looking for my friend since but – see above – I’ve been sick and not going out very often. I don’t understand these intelligent, impertinent, bold creatures. But they fascinate me. Especially when they turn gentle.

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