Three Goals, One Met

I went to a golf driving range on Sunday and discovered that I can hit a ball without falling down. But I lost so much muscle during my illness that my best “drive” is less than thirty yards. I’ll keep working on that. My goal is to play a round of par-three, nine-hole golf by the end of summer.

Another goal is to finish my needlework project of a skeleton dancing happily through a graveyard. It’s close to done; if I can get it finished by August 9, I can enter it at our State Fair. I know I can finish the stitching, but how to get it “finished,” that is, framed by the deadline? Finishers need several weeks lead time – and we’re within range of that as of right now. If I can’t get it done, I’ll enter it next year. It’s coming out great!

Oh, and for a goal realized, go to and look for Minnesota Vice by Ellen and Mary Kuhfeld, hot off the press. (Searching for Monica Ferris finds it, too.) It’s a collection of previously published short crime-fiction stories we wrote individually and collectively. Price is a very reasonable $2.99.


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