Tower of Flowers

I got the “tower of flowers” done this past weekend, but at a cost. I fell – twice. Hurt my tailbone the first time and scraped one hand and my left knee (it would be the good one) the second. So I’m using the walker more and my cane less until my confidence comes back and my balance improves. And yes, I’ve been walking with just a cane for short distances. Progress, progress!

On the other hand, the tower came out beautifully.  It consists of a metal stem about four feet long attacked to a three-edged flange you plant in a big pot.  Then you put pots up, tilting them side to side.  Here’s what it looks like. The lower flowers are vining geraniums, so they’ll drape over the pots and look wonderful, the upper two are petunias, and they’ll drape also. The greenery on the bottom is a perennial (but I’ll use it as an annual) flowering thyme that gets pink blossoms in a thick blanket all over it. I’ll take more pictures as summer progresses.  The round knobby things are glass bowls with stems I fill with water and stick in the dirt so there is a constant little trickle of water to the plants.  Garden catalogs carry them.


Today a friend is coming over to help me dig out my office. The paper is stacked a foot and more high all over the place and it’s finally gotten to where even I can’t stand it. I don’t know why I can’t do this on my own but when she is there to help we get it done quickly and efficiently.

And more slowly than I’d like, my muse is coming back to life. I’ve started on a new scene where Rafael consults with Betsy over his suspicions that the wedding planner is not playing fair. (If only he knew.)

Meanwhile the weather has turned nice and life is looking much better than when all this started.

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