Woe, and woe again!

I bet you’re wondering where I went and what I’ve been doing. I’m in a nursing home called Golden Living in St. Louis Park, MN. I’m very slowly recovering from a massive knee infection. I’ve lost a lot of weight and spent a lot of time in a kind of hypnotic state due to pain meds. It’s been weird, because sometimes it’s hard it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. I’ll think I’ve done some work on physical rehab and find out I only dreamed it. Or I’ll come to some conclusion about my health and find out it’s half real. Yesterday I had the 23 staples holding my knee together taken out – that was real, I know because I can see the little line down the front of my leg that used to be lined with silver and is now just a line. Now begins the really hard part – getting my knee back in working order. Some parts really hurt, but I’m determined to put up with it. And it’s slow, slow, slow.
My mind is clearing and I think I’m going to be able to start writing again.
I do know the 26th I’ll be at the Hopkins Library giving a talk on being a mystery author, and I’d like to see some of you there.
More later.

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Professional Mad Scientist for several years. Retired.
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