I’ve been fired. That is, my publisher (now a part of a larger publisher) has decided not to offer me any more contracts to write mysteries for them. This came out of the blue, and I’m still trembling from the shock. So what do I do? Fortunately my agent hasn’t abandoned me and we had an hour-long talk on Thursday regarding my choices. Knit Your Own Murder will come out as scheduled in August – though it may be called Knit To Be Tied. It’s the third book in the three-book contract. I want the next book to be set in the month of June, when Godwin and Rafael get married. I had planned a book about sailor’s knot work, but it’s not exactly the same as needlework and because I’ll be approaching a new publisher (probably) I need to “stick to my last” and do needlework. I thought about turkey work, but that would make a gangbuster Thanksgiving-themed novel, so not turkey work. But I need something new fast, my agent wants three chapters and a synopsis asap.

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