Free e-books from one of my earlier selves!

FTL Publications, which is republishing my Peter Brichter series both in paper and as e-books, is offering a free download of Murder at the War (written as Mary Monica Pulver) April 16-17 through Amazon.  This was my first published novel.  It is set at The Great Pennsic War, an annual event of The Society for Creative Anachronism.  You’ve heard of folks who re-create battles of the American War Between the States?  This is sort of like that, only earlier.  MUCH earlier.  Medieval times, the politics, the statesmanship, the chivalry, the music, dance, food, costumes, arts and crafts, are brought to life through the SCA at weekend members-only events.  But the War is the Big One.  Thousands of medievalists gather at a campground in eastern Pennsylvania to eat, drink, game, dance and, most of all, fight.  Using real armor and rattan swords and pole arms, they stage unchoreographed battles in the fields and woods of the campground.  And in the middle of all this fake dying, a man in armor is found for-real dead of a stab wound.  The State Police think they’ve uncovered a cult and are baffled by the esoterica of the Society.  It is up to police detective Peter Brichter, who is also Lord Stephen von Helle, to obey King William’s royal command to find the murderer before this shocking discourtesy destroys the Society’s grandest game.

Mary Monica’s Kindle books:

Murder at the War: April 16-17
The Unforgiving Minutes: April 22-23
Original Sin: April 29-30
Show Stopper: May 7-8
Ashes to Ashes: May 22-23

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