Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!

I’m mad about hats.  Love ‘em.  I have a LOT of them.  I wear them to book signings, to church, and on special occasions.  A friend said I should share my interest, so I did, by planning, with her help, a tea.  June 2, 2012, she and I threw a Mad Hatters Tea Party at Aquila Commons, the co-op we live in.  I had put out a sign-up sheet, thinking maybe twenty people would want to come – and had to cut it off at forty!

I brought all my hats to the Party Room and several other women went into their storage room and brought out hats they’d put away.  We covered six tables with hats, and allowed everyone to try them on and pick one they liked.  Some of the women wore gloves to really show they knew how to dress up properly for a tea.  Looking down the rows of tables at these ladies in their hats was like stepping back into the fifties.  Halfway through, I asked everyone to change hats, to try a new look, and they did, to smiles and laughter.

Judy and I served cucumber sandwiches, lemon, raspberry, and almond bars, tea, and lemonade.  We had a super time.  Lots of photos were taken – Forty women, and at least sixty hats, gave plenty of opportunities.  Hats are making a big-time comeback in England; I think it would be fun if the new-old custom spreads to here. To see a slide show of the hats, just click the Hatter link on the menu.

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