TV, newspapers, and radio! :)

Yesterday the Lake Minnetonka Communications Commission came by with a tv camera and interviewed me and some of my hats for forty-five minutes.  They are going to edit it into a five-minute bit to be broadcast on local cable and then will release it as a You Tube video.  I read part of the opening scene of Threadbare in the video, but don’t know if it will make it into the final cut.  I wore my new lavender straw hat and then they did a series of cuts of me wearing different hats.  Again, I don’t know if any of the latter will make the cut. I’ll link to the video when it’s out.

On November 21 I will do a telephone interview with a reporter for the New Ulm Journal and will do a signing at Nadel Kunst down there in January (date not yet determined).  I have signings scheduled for December 10 at Once Upon A Crime and on the 17th at Excelsior Bay Books and will give a talk December 20 at the Textile Center of Minnesota in Minneapolis (they are asking to borrow some of my hats for a display for a week ahead of time).  I am working on setting a joint radio interview with another Minnesota mystery author for a station in Chicago, details still a bit fuzzy.

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