Original Sin

The e-book version of Original Sin, fourth of the Peter Brichter mysteries by Mary Monica Pulver, will be available for a free Kindle download on February 27 and 28. (Mary Monica? I resemble that person …)

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The Unforgiving Minutes

… will be a free download for Kindle on Wednesday and Thursday, February 20, 21 2013. Another Mary Monica Pulver bonus for fans of Monica Ferris!

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There’s more than one “me”.

The Betsy Devonshire Needlework Mysteries are my third series, written as Monica Ferris. The second series was about Dame Frevisse, Abbess of a nunnery in the days of Thomas Chaucer. (The books were written by Margaret Frazer, a pen name for the joint authorship of myself and Gail Frazer. The first five books were by the both of us; after that, Gail took over and I went off to be Monica Ferris.) But my first series, written as Mary Monica Pulver, was about Peter Brichter, an Illinois police detective, and his wife Kori. That series has mostly been out of print for over a decade.

That’s changing. The books are coming out as e-books. (The first book, Murder at the War, has been available as a trade paperback for some time.) To re-introduce the series, FTL Publications is offering them on Amazon. Murder at the War will be free as a Kindle book on February 11-12, with the remaining titles given away at a rate of one per week following that. If you like them, tell all your friends!

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A Review for And Then You Dye

A review for And Then You Dye has been published at Fresh Fiction.

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A review

Threadbare got a very nice review from Kings River Life Magazine. Hoorah!

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And Then You Dye


And Then You Dye is officially due December 5th, and we’re having a publication party at Once Upon A Crime in Minneapolis (see below). The advance copy of the paperback version of Threadbare arrived in the same package, so it should be out at something like the same time. Then it’s time for the book tour — see below!

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And Then You Dye book tour — December

Dec 5, 6:30 pm – Minneapolis, MN – Once Upon A Crime (publication party)

Dec 8, 1 pm – Excelsior, MN – Excelsior Bay Books (signing)

Dec 10, 6 pm – LaCrosse, WI – Crosse Stitchery and Main Street Framing (EGA Christmas Party, members only)

Dec 11, evening – Madison, WI – Booked for Murder (signing/reading)

Dec 12, 6:30 – Davenport, IA – Barnes and Noble (signing)

Dec 13, 6:30 pm – Marion, IA (just NE of Cedar Rapids) – Village Needlework

Dec 14, 6:30 – Des Moines, IA – Beaverdale Books (signing)

Dec 15, noon – Omaha, NE – The Mystery Bookstore

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